Used Bike Shop

Tarka Trail Cycle Hire - logo for recycling and repairing used bikes in North Devon


The aims of the Tarka used bike shop are simple. Prevent usable bikes from going to land fill and to make cycling accessible for all by providing quality used cycles at affordable prices. We can help you choose a bike to suit your needs and budget or save your old bike from the tip if you wish to donate it.


Prices start from £50 for an adult bike and £30 for a childs bike. All bikes have been through rigorous checks by our qualified mechanics to ensure they pass industry-standard tests. For peace of mind, every bike comes with a 30 day warranty. PLEASE CALL to check we have a suitable bike as we sometimes sell out during busy periods.


Bikes offer independence and a greener way to travel than using a car. Cycling is also a great form of excersize and can imporve well being. By donating your old bike you are not only giving your bike a second life but allowing someone else to reap the benefits of cycling! We will accept bike donations in any state – if a bike is too far gone to find it a new home we will use the parts on other bikes and recycle what we can’t. We may be able to help with collection if you can’t get your old bike to us.

Schwalbe Recycling System - Tyres & Tubes

Inner tube recycling

We are currently work with Schwabe to recycle your old inner tubes. If you have any old inner tubes bring them to us and we will help Schwabe recycle them into new inner tubes!

All our used bikes have been through rigorous checks by our qualified mechanics & come with a 30 day warranty